Give Me a Hug

Seriously, I really like getting hugged. I need more hugs in my life. We all do, don’t we?

As an avid wildlife observer, I recently saw two adult female deer grazing on our lawn. One walked slowly toward the other and gently licked its face. When the licking stopped the recipient lowered its head begging for more. More licking ensued. A deer’s version of a hug had been successfully delivered. Animals of all kinds “hug” each other.

Hugs signal the acceptance of others. They are affirming in a way that few other actions are. Handshakes are polite. Saying “Nice to see you” is okay. But nothing beats a brief hug between two people who wish to honor the special nature of their relationship. (Men, that includes you.)

The next time you see a family member, close neighbor or old friend don’t hesitate. Give them a hug. They need a hug. Admit it; you could use a hug yourself.

Personal Promise: If you hug me I will hug you in return.

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