The Lone Ranger or Rossini?

The Lone Ranger was a popular western in the early days of television. I was a ten year old boy in 1952 when I first heard the theme song that introduced that show. While other programs had interesting theme songs, his show had one that would really grab and hold my attention.

It was many years later that I discovered that the theme song had actually been The William Tell Overture, first performed by the Paris Opera in 1829 and written by some guy named Rossini. Who knew?

The public has often discovered fine symphonic music by hearing it played as the soundtrack for a television show. For example, recall Bugs Bunny and his rendition of The Barber of Seville. My personal appreciation of great orchestral music began with hearing it used on television westerns and Disney cartoons.

Enjoy the short video below to bring back a memory. Also, note the conductor’s style and the phenomenal conclusion to the piece offered by the Tokyo Philharmonic. The orchestra’s musicians must have loved The Lone Ranger, with Japanese subtitles, much as we did.

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