The Tradition Rut

With the Christmas and New Year holidays behind us, we find ourselves reflecting on the traditions that we observed for yet another year.

Often, the way we describe the activities of the holiday period is to start with the words, “We always.” The rest of the sentence may include many of the following: “We always serve ______ for dinner; go to _____; drink _____; invite ____; watch ____; talk about____; and play _____.” After a few years of doing these same things in the same way, a tradition is established.

After a few more years, the warm and comforting sense of tradition may become a dull sense of habit. The unspoken or even unspeakable thought just may be that it is time to consider a few changes. We would never suggest anything too dramatic; just a couple of new ways to enjoy the holidays.

I invite you to bring some fresh ideas forward before planning for the next holiday begins. Change is good and refreshing. Of course, I would never introduce this topic for discussion with my own family and friends. After all, who wants to be accused of committing season treason?

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