Serving Sizes Lies

Do you read the serving size information printed on the packages of food we buy? They have got to be kidding.

Here is an example. Frito Lay makes Tostitos tortilla chips; I really like those chips. Their popular 13 ounce package claims, in bold print on the back of the bag, to contain 13 servings. Each serving is said to be “about 6 chips” which deliver 140 calories. The entire bag contains 1820 calories.

The label goes on to remind us that “2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.”

Because I am careful about what I eat, I limit my personal Tostitos serving size to just less than half a bag – say 700 calories. After all, I have to save some calories for the cheese dip (120 calories) and a beer (180 calories) to wash the chips down.  I must save the remaining 1,000 calories for my three daily meals. There is some good news. The salt on my chips contains no calories (but can be a real problem for those who suffer hypertension).

Sometimes I feel alone with my problems. For example, might I be the only person who has to manage consumption of chips and dips?

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