Popular Music Charts

Recently I read the USA Today Airplay Charts to see what people are listening to these days. The results of my reading those lists surprised me. After all, I fancy myself a music fan and listen to music several hours a day on Sirius/XM and Pandora.

The categories and the names of the artists I had ever heard of are as follows: Top 40 – Taylor Swift; Country  – Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, Lady Antebellum;  Urban – JayZ; Adult Contemporary – Adele; Urban Adult Contemporary – Bruno Mars, Snoop Dog.

I knew the names of NO artists in categories labeled Rhythmic, Hot Adult Contemporary, Christian, Alternative, Active Rock, Adult Rock and Latin.

The lists included the names of 140 popular artists. I had heard the names of only eight of them and have heard none of their songs listed on those lists.

How can it be true that a music fan scores as poorly as I did? It may have something to do with my listening preferences. I listen to classic symphony, early country and the music of the fifties and sixties. There are no current charts for those categories yet they will remain my favorites. No apologies!

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