Pity the Picky Eater

Adventure makes life interesting. That is certainly true of culinary adventures. Those who don’t allow themselves to participate are missing the joy of discovery.

Limiting food choices can start when one turns up their nose at the mere suggestion of a particular food. I once heard a mother of two young children ask her a question at our dinner table. “Mom, will we like this?” She answered “no” and that ended any further consideration they gave to that meal. Hey kids, how about another quick Kraft macaroni and cheese?

Throughout life some continue to use a self-limiting comment. “I tried that once and didn’t like it.” Once? Do they mean once in a lifetime? What, specifically, was the objection? Was that first time food properly prepared? Was it served with the correct complimentary dishes and beverages? Might their tastes have changed since that first time?

Self-imposed dietary limitations can have health consequences. A friend of mine will not try anything that has “beans” in it. That includes vanilla beans in vanilla ice cream or coffee beans. When his wife fixes chili she makes his without beans and hers without meat. Neither really satisfies the definition of chili.

Note: Personal favorites of mine resulted from exploration. Try skate wing, beef tongue, octopus, pork belly, pickled pig’s feet, soft shell crabs with sides of spring ramps, dandelion or poke weed salad, and so many more. Make use of marinates, hot sauces, curry, herbs and spices. Join the adventure.

Bon appetit!


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