Unmasking Brain Injury

Since publishing my book, “Me Now – Who Next”, I have remained close to brain injury developments. Recently, I attended the fall conference of the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina. In NC, 33,000 new brain injuries occur each year. Over 200,000 have already disabled as a result of traumatic brain injury. (Source: BIANC). Across the USA the numbers are in the millions.

The conference speakers (therapists, doctors and association leaders) provided encouraging information about progress being made in dealing with brain injuries.

Speakers who have suffered life-altering traumatic brain injuries, shared their personal experience. One of those speakers was the focus of my book. Angela Leigh Tucker inspired the audience as she spoke candidly about her life since her nearly fatal brain injury in 2008. To catch-up with this wonderful person visit www.angelaleightucker.com and read her recent blogs. In the years since her injury, she has become a national leader in the fight to gain awareness of brain injuries.

“When you have seen one brain Injury you have seen one brain injury.” This sentence, used several times by presenters, sounds like a play on words. It is not. Those who have suffered a brain injury described the almost endless variety of ways in which their lives have changed. To read their inspiring personal messages visit  www.Unmaskingbraininjury.org

This Unmasking website project, begun in Raleigh, NC, now displays 811 masks created by TBI survivors who live in 29 states and 3 foreign countries.  More states and foreign countries will be joining the effort. Brain injuries know no borders. Your support of this effort would be appreciated by so many.

Note: Brain injuries of all kinds (concussions, strokes, tumors, penetrations wounds) are common. It is likely that you know someone who has suffered one. In fact, you may be a survivor of a brain injury ranging from mild to severe. Therapy can help. Commitment to staying with it is essential.


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