How to Irritate Others

With so many people irritating us every day, is a tutorial on this really needed? Just turn on television or connect on social media for proof of the pervasiveness of irritating behavior.

It starts when a movie star, sports figure or politician steps in front of a microphone. They state their personal (and largely uninformed) opinions. Next, the media quotes them and adds it own spin. My irritation gland is sent into overdrive.

Before reading further, be assured that I am often irritated by comments even when those comments agree with my own. This is especially true when they come from a source that is as uninformed and lacking in expertise as I am.  For example, why would I agree or disagree with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on the use of plastic drinking straws? He is no more informed on that topic than I am. He irritates me.

If you don’t care about a relationship, irritating others is not difficult (and may even be fun). However, when a relationship does matter, corrective action is required.

Take my air whistling as an example. It irritates my wife when, instead of singing a song, I air whistle. There are so many ways that I irritate my wife. One would think that I could and would stop tormenting her with this one.

Perhaps we should all make a list of those things we do or say that irritate others and decide to eliminate a few of them from our repertoire. We could all use a break.

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