Now Hiring! Entry Level Drug Dealers

Need a job? Just respond to this help wanted advertisement.

Entry Level Sales Positions Now Available

Work close to home and make top commissions. This is all cash business. Street smarts helpful but no formal education required. No prior sales experience needed as the products practically sell themselves. May become eligible for an all expenses paid penitentiary vacation. An Equal Employment Opportunity for all sexes, ages and races.

Must be willing to work nights and weekends. Positions always available given the termination of co-workers (by gunfire).


No, I don’t think this is funny. It is tragic. Thousands of lives are being destroyed and even lost. Drug using parents are leaving their children to face life alone.

The question becomes what to do to end this mess. Drugs have been a problem for many years. Recently, the opiate problem has gotten completely out of hand. People of every race, age, economic level and city to country dwellers are involved in using prescription and illegal drugs.

Our almost single-minded focus on the suppliers of drugs, from physicians to dealers on the street, the so-called war on drugs is lost. Drug users drive demand. If users stopped using drugs the suppliers would quickly go out of business. Simple economic law says without demand there would quickly be no supply. Demand drives supply!

This problem can be solved but just not easily; users are really hooked and willing to risk death to get high.

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