Rights Come with Responsibilities

Most of us demand to be granted our RIGHTS. Far fewer recognize that gaining those rights also means that we stand up to the responsibilities those rights require of us.


I have a right to drive that requires that I remain sober and attentive while driving.

I have a right to vote that requires understanding candidate qualifications and positions.

I have a right to speak in protest but must respect those speaking in opposition.

I have the right to health care insurance but must do all I can to live a healthy lifestyle.

Being bellicose in demanding our rights focuses only on ourselves; easy to do but only half of the equation.

Finally, using one’s station in life to magnify and claim special rights is selfish and cheap. A professional quarterback recently knelt on the field of play before a football game as the national anthem was played. By doing so, he intentionally called attention to himself. Many said he had the right to kneel at that moment. Others, including me, know he has the right to make a statement but that they should be made as a citizen off the field of play. Celebrities have no more rights than any of us. Yet, they use their positions to obtain personal attention and unwarranted influence over the mindless minions who are easily seduced by their fame.

Here is a suggestion. List your responsibilities and be sure you follow through the next time you demand your rights.

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