In Your Face Advertising

Marketing/ advertising people seem to have lost their minds. They seem unaware or unconcerned that potential buyers of their goods or services are intelligent but busy people. Allow me to make a suggestion to them. After your company to make its pitch, give us a break. If we are interested in what you offer we will be sure to let you know.

Be careful about making obviously exaggerated claims. For example, GEICO and Progressive Insurance should stop saying they will save us hundreds of dollars a year. They cannot spend millions on their non-stop flood of advertising and yet sell us the least expensive insurance. I have checked their coverage and rates and found others to be lower.

Advertisers, after we hear your message we will likely ask people we know who have dealt with you about their experience. We will not listen to that celebrity you hired to pitch for you. Word of mouth among actual customers will make you or break you.

If we have been inspired and informed by your ads, we will need time to look at the product specs and reviews on the Internet. After considering the reviews, we may still be interested.

At this point, we may seek more information by contacting your chat line.  When we connect with your chat line, make it a helpful experience for us. Take your time and answer our questions. Don’t keep pushing us by asking if there is “anything else” you can do for us in an obvious attempt to dump our chat.

After we end our chat session, don’t keep popping up day after day with more ads on our computers screens and other devices.  Those are annoying not convincing.

Always remember that you cannot provoke us into making a purchase from you. You can provoke us enough to drive us away permanently. We may even tell others about how you treated us.

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