Did You Fail or Just Quit?

This is another of life’s chicken and egg questions. Which should come first, quitting or failing? Logically, it seems that failing should precede quitting. However, that is not always the case. Often, quitting occurs before failing. If one quits before failing, failure is assured.

When the going gets tough, quitting may seem like the way to avoid failure. It seems to be the best way out until the consequences are considered. Quitting has an allure that must be avoided in crucial areas of life.  If quitting becomes a personal habit, a lifetime of failure is bound to follow.

The challenges life presents to us vary widely in importance. There are challenges that may turn out to be beyond our ability to overcome. For example, dancing lessons don’t make everyone a good dancer so quitting the lessons and looking for a new hobby makes sense. However, failing as a parent has consequences that impact both the parent and the child. Quitting as a parent is not a real option.

There are times when real failure does occur. We all experience failures in life. At a minimum, we should learn from our failures and move forward. Neither failing nor quitting can become self-destructive unless we allow them to become a habit.

Personal Note: In my life, I have failed more than a few times. This essay is written from a personal experience perspective.

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