My Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Recently, while cleaning out my collection of lifelong memories, I came across an old newspaper clipping from 1960.  It reports on an event that occurred in my senior year in high school when I entered and won the countywide teen driver competition. I was then, and remain to this day, proud of my win. At the same time, I was looking forward to more highlight successes in the years after high school. Those never much happened.  I seem to have peaked a little early in life.

For weeks, our high school driver training instructor kept inviting me to join other students who he was training for the teen Driver Road-E-O competition. He assured me that, unless he trained me, I wouldn’t stand a chance of winning. I decided to go it alone and risk embarrassing myself. I did not join his competition preparation sessions.

When the big day arrived, I completed the obstacle course and written exam and went home. In a couple of days, I was informed that I had won first place and a cash prize of $25. The win also allowed me to compete in the state finals all the way to Philadelphia. My dad and I made the trip and I finished in the top ten.

An article about the contest appeared in the morning paper. I was a celebrity at school for about an hour and a half.

All of us can claim to have had a peak life accomplishment. This was mine. What was yours?

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